Monday, July 1, 2013

An Endless War

Okay, I want to clarify one thing real quick. I am not a tech blogger. I don't profess to be. However, this is a topic that has bugged me as a tech head, and resident geek of my household.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get on topic.

Technology Wars:

And I mean the big ones. I will only cover two here, but they are my two favorite. Oh... I should also throw in another disclaimer here. I don't understand businesses and economy as well as I do computers, so if I get some piece of info wrong, do forgive me.

First, and one that I am close to.

Apple v. Everyone else

That's right, it's not Apple vs. PC. Apple is a jerk to every other company. In this situation, I take the side of the non-Apple companies and products. I have been a PC user my whole life. Now, I am not saying that Apple makes bad products. Lemme explain. Apple has a tendency to sell you an item, charging you not only for the technology, but for a brand name. And people are dumb enough to shovel hundreds of bucks out for the "extra features," and "amazing tech support." I have been to a MAC store. I will agree that they have some great guys running their tech support, but they charge the price of a new computer for any work.

And you can't work on any Apple product at home. Not unless you have like years of experience working on MAC systems, demolishing them left and right and studying them.

Now, the Apple brand was not always bad. Back when Apple first started and they were getting their name out there, they cared more about the quality and price of their computers over a brand name. They made quality pieces of hardware that were revolutionary. I dunno what changed, but I wish it hadn't.

I'm gonna stop hashing on Apple, and instead point out what I enjoy about PCs.

A. Ease of use:  A PC can be custom built to a person's needs. They are compatible with almost every piece of hardware and software, including Apple software, and allow for incredible customizations.

B. Upgradability and Repairability: If my computer's hard drive died, I don't have to take it to the mall, and pay 300 bucks to have a guy install a new one and take a week to do it. Instead, I can pay 100 bucks for a brand new hard drive and have my computer up and running the day of the purchase.

C: Simplicity: I have yet to meet someone who after a little bit of hands on training has trouble with a PC that stops them from using it properly. Sure, I know some people who just make bad decisions with their computers. Even MAC users have that.

D. Viruses: Yeah, I know. Everyone thinks that the MAC is invincible. Well guess what? You're wrong. You just challenged us PC users to try harder. Several MAC specific viruses are around, including one that can only be replaced by wiping the computer and replacing the battery completely.

Okay. I know it wasn't a whole lot, but it's what I have off the top of my head. On to the next.

Console Vs. PC

I could care less about the inter-console wars, like PS vs. XBOX. They could fight until they both die out, and Nintendo could take over for all I care. I will never give up my PC for it. For several reasons. You hear about how great consoles are, but most computers can get a 200 dollar upgrade and surpass the latest consoles for a few years. I would list all the things better, but the list is so huge, and I am so tired. I just mainly wanted to state where I stood.

I love the PC.

Jake of All Trades, signing off.

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  1. I like your take on things. In fact you got some juices going for me as well. I wrote a quick reply with some of my take on things to this article on my bog.